India is a cradle of creativity where brilliant & bright ideas have taken birth. Normally, the society which is marred by constraints gives rise to many ideas. But how many of those ideas have taken a giant leap and become an Apple, Google or IBM? What pulls back the entrepreneurs from achieving a 5X or an ambitious 10X growth? School of Design Thinking enables entrepreneurs to review the blueprint of their company with a Design Outlook to prepare their company’s roadmap for next decade or so.


  • 10 Mantras for 10X Growth


Boosting intrapreneurship: How to not only tap and find but nourish and cultivate the flow of new ideas within the company? 10X Mantras will help you grow the culture of Entrepreneurship within your company; today famously called as Intrapreneurship.

Finding new avenue of Business Expansion: How to diagnose the AS-IS situation of your enterprise and explore new avenues of Business expansion to avoid stagnation? The usage of Exploratory & Design Tools will help you not only to visualize your future of business but also means to achieve it. The workshop will help you unearth your own blindspots.

Identifying Stakeholders: An enterprise is not run by or involves a single entity. Through different design tools, you can find and enlist every stakeholder of your business and their interests & design a product/service that caters to every one of them.