More often than not, the founders of startups channel their strength on the product or service so much that they miss their end users. A good business design always keeps the customer as the focal point and drives the business, operations, customer care, marketing etc around it. We believe Design Thinking can help startup founders to achieve the best business design for their organization. Design thinking workshop will help entrepreneurs to visualize all the aspects needed to start and enterprise and weave them to make it successful.


Getting a holistic picture of system and developing sustainable solution keeping all stakeholders in mind: An enterprise is not run by or involves a single entity. Through different design tools, you can find and enlist every stakeholder of your business and their interests & design a product/service that caters to every one of them.

Creating an ecosystem around your product/service to become a 1-stop solution: A good enterprise is not only about creating a product or deliver a service but also to create an ecosystem & mesh it around your core competency to make your product/service as 1-stop solution for everything.

Understanding your end user's socio-cultural and behavioral aspects using Design Tools: Using ethnographic research and host of exploratory design tools, identify your core customer, tap the target segment within the society & arrive at positioning your product/service accordingly.

Cultivating Intra-preneuship to boost the creativity within your organization: You should not stop flowing new ideas once your startup gains momentum. How to not only tap and find but nourish and cultivate the flow of new ideas within the company. You will learn to grow the culture of Entrepreneurship within your company; today famously called as Intrapreneurship.