Nurturing the Culture of Design Thinking

School of Design Thinking is committed to creating awareness about Design Thinking as a Human Centered Approach to society at large, enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

School of Design Thinking strives to bring the culture of design thinking in all aspects of life through focusing on preparing the design mind. A design mindset helps solve complex challenges as well as create meaningful and immersive experiences.

This Design Thinking culture is driven by addressing critical elements such as design mind, design frameworks and design spaces which allows organizations and institutions to develop future focused solutions.


Understanding every stakeholder and all the participants to identify your right problem


Generating a world of possibilities for you using Design Thinking


Not only coming up but Co-Creating your solution with everyone involved using carefully crafted Design Tools.

  • Entrepreneurs :
    Achieve an exponential 10X growth for your enterprise using Design Principles.

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  • Educators :
    Enhance the student-faculty relationship using carefully crafted Design Tools.

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  • StartUps :
    Use Design Thinking's Human Centricity to kickstart your StartUp.

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  • Going through the experience in the Design Center and the interaction around Design Thinking, I feel lots of positivity in me

    R. Ravikumar ― Deputy Collector, Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency

  • This session has triggered up some thoughts in me in terms of how do you define societal problems and how do you start looking at design elements and put together a solution. And, with technology you can crowd source ideas and pool in people.

    Jayachandran K ― Ernst & Young

  • The thought process (of design) that is adopted is unique and refreshing. I think this should be more popularised

    Sri Kaatyayani ― MoP Vaishnav College , MBA

  • This session gave me insights into how to create a crisis and give a direction. As a founder of a company, I learnt how to handle a team, make them vulnerable and bring out the best. It was a wonderful session.

    Gokulakrishnan Deenadayalan ― Founder Betamonks Technology Factory

  • The problem-solving tools of Design Mind were very useful as it will help me to manage my team & others in a better manner

    Anand Sankaranarayanan ― Project Manager, Intellect Design Arena

  • The biggest takeaway from the sessions was the way we started to think,look and approach a problem. These sessions have changed our attitude towards solving the problems.

    Chetan Asrani ― Comp Science Dept, SRM University

  • Design Awareness for SSN Students

    30th March 2019

    Anchors from School of Design Thinking shall be conducting a 1-Day Awareness workshop for the 1st Year Students of the SSN School of Management. Through this workshop, students shall get a first hand of Design Thinking as a concept,Design Tools, Design Process & how it differs from Traditional Thinking. The workshop shall be conducted @ SSN campus.

  • Design Thinking for Scaling Entrepreneurship

    12th April - 13th April 2019

    Dr.Ashok Korwar, Co-founder School of Design Thinking will be addressing the deep dive session on Scaling organized by TIECON PUNE 2019 this April. Click here to know more about registration

  • Design Thinking for SRM Academia Fraternity

    14th March - 16th March 2019

    Senior Faculty from the esteemed SRM Institute of Science & Technology visited 8012 FinTech Design Center to participate on 'Design the Thinking' workshop : its India's only Design Thinking workshop tailored for the Academics. Participants were exposed to various Design concepts,with hands-on various Design Tools, participated in case studies & leveraged Design Thinking to redefine and solve a live problem that they were grappling. The faculties will take these concepts back to the institute to bring radical change & nurture Design Culture @ SRM.

  • Design Thinking Intervention for Sony

    16th March 2019

    Faculty from School of Design Thinking anchored a Design Thinking Intervention session for the employees of Sony India Software Center at venue - The Leela Palace, Chennai. This intervention session was about instrumental aspect of their annual strategic meet. The participants were exposed to key design tools which leveraged to enhance their participation & broaden their ideas critical to meet the expectations of their strategic meet.

  • Design Sprint Workshop, Anna University

    2nd Feb 2019

    School of Design Thinking conducted a special Design Sprint Workshop along with the Center Of Entrepreneurship Development (CED) for Enantra's 3.0 Startup Pitchfest,at Anna University. Over 130 students participated in this Workshop,the participating teams were expected to leverage key learnings of the workshop to sharpen their startup ideas & prepare their pitch to present to an expert jury panel consisting of VC’s, Angel investors. They were exposed with multiple concepts and interpretations of Design Thinking and they had an interactive hands-on exercise on visualization which helped them to arrive at the scope of ideas which also created a diverse approach for enriching entrepreneurial culture in all domains.

  • Design Thinking Frame of Mind for Students(JIT)

    8th Jan 2019

    School of Design Thinking conducted a special Design Thinking one day session for about 240 students at Jeppiaar Institute of Technology. This lecture introduced about the concepts and illustrations of Design Thinking & it also created a meaningful and immersive experience to the students of this flourishing generation.

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  • Design Thinking Workshop

    13th - 15th Sept 2018

    25 Senior Faculty across 7 departments of CMR College of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad participated at the 'Design the Thinking' workshop : this is the only kind of workshop in India which took the culture of Design Thinking across academic campuses. The 3-day workshop was anchored by faculty from School of Design Thinking, this workshop covered up the theoretical concepts of Design Thinking and an interactive hands-on experience on various Design Tools with interesting industry case studies.with a mission to leverage Design Thinking for a better Faculty-Student interaction & enable self-development for faculty,

    Past Events
  • 'Design the Thinking for Transformative Learning'.

    11th & 12th Sept 2018

    23 Principal & 41 Senior Faculty from 32 Districts (DIETs/District Institute of Education & Training) of TNSCERT across Tamil Nadu visited 8012 FinTech Design Center and participated in a 2 Day workshop :The Faculty from School of Design Thinking anchored & engaged this interactive workshop which aimed to leverage Design Thinking . This Workshop enabled meaningful content delivery and also developed a holistic view of education for students.

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  • Design Thinking Workshop

    26th Sept 2018

    School of Design Thinking conducted a one day workshop for 25 Engineers from Vestas Wind Technology India Pvt.Ltd. The worksop was addressed by Mr.Sathianathan AL on concept of Design Thinking and to learn a framework that helps build ecosystems.

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  • Startup Workshop

    18th Sept 2018

    Dr.Anbu Rathinavel addressed to five young entrepreneurs from a startup company called Commutatus on the topic of Design Thinking.The Workshop was all about a design mindset that helps to solve complex challenges as well as creating a meaningful and an immersive experience in today's Startups.

    Past Events
  • Guest Lecture

    17th Sept 2018

    Mr.Ramakrishnan V address about 200 students of Third year & Final year from ECE & IT departments on the topic of Design Thinking. This lecture introduced the concept of Design Thinking & its relevance in today's growing economy.

    Past Events
  • Taking Design Thinking to the Academia

    12th Sept 2018

    About 300 students & senior faculty of VIT Chennai campus where address by Mr.Ramanath Prabu on the topic of how Design Thinking is creating an impact on academics. And also they were addressed on introducing the concepts and illustrations of Design Thinking and their importance in today's world.

    Past Events
  • Youth Innovation Summit 2019 | Arun Jain | Jeppiaar Engineering College

  • How can design thinking Enhance Employability | Arun Jain | ICTACT Bridge

  • ET Now Exclusive with Arun Jain: Design Thinking and Hands-on Digital Transformation

  • Unmukt: Preparing the Design Mind

  • Design Creating a Steller Role In Thinking Process

    Prof . M. K. SURAPPA, Vice Chancellor Anna University
  • Human Centered Approach on Design Thinking

    University of California, Berkeley
  • UnMukt: Contextual Mind Approaching a Problem

    Dr. B. Kaarthik, CEO I2D Incubating IoT Dreams
  • Design Thinking in Delivery Excellence

    Vinoth K, Intellect Design Arena Ltd

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