UnMukt is one of its kind of flagship workshop where participants explore and immerse in Design Thinking .UnMukt provides an excellent opportunity to learn the basic tenets of Design Thinking & understand its applicability in today’s world of ever changing dynamics. Through this workshop, participants are exposed to Design Forces that trigger a Design Mind which is indispensable for Design Thinking. The workshop has been championed by Arun Jain since 2008 & has been a platform for Design seekers to congregate and learn mutually.


  • About UnMukt & Design Thinking
  • Theory of Design Mind & Learning
  • 5 Forces of Growth, 5 Frictional Forces & 3 Value Addition Elements
  • A 5 Step Design Process
  • Design Tools & Framework


A Forum for Industry Experts to come together: UnMukt provides a medium for experts from diverse sectors to share their experiences, their concepts about design, their challenges they face in everyday professional work etc. This forum opens the channels for cross-collaboration communications between people from different walks of like, thus help developing a broader repertoire

Learning to Empathize: This workshop will help prepare you for empathy: the crux of Design Thinking. Empathy will help you to understand your problem. This will help you find the answer of "Why should we solve?" rather than "What should we solve?". The answer of WHY will attain the answer of WHAT.

Hear Arun's philosophy behind Design Thinking: UnMukt is a platform where you can learn from Arun himself regarding the pursuit of Design Thinking & a design-driven strategy forming the DNA of Intellect Design Arena. He elaborates the transformation of Intellect into a complete Design Driven organization.